Why Should you Choose Artificial Turf?

Outside Unlimited Artificial Grass Styles & Options

Our huge selection of landscape grass, putting greens, agility training turf, indoor and outdoor decks and patio mats and rugs in a variety of sizes is sure to satisfy your needs! Choose from more than 75 grass products from Outside Unlimited to make your Commercial Property, Apartment Complex, Playground or Golf course into a no-maintenance, safe field built with the best quality, newest generation fiber that fits any form and budget.

Outside Unlimited’s artificial turf redefines the standard for synthetic grass. Our commercial turf is an eco-friendly and maintenance-free alternative to traditional grass that looks and feels just like the real thing. It’s also designed to last for years by preventing fading and discoloration as well as water buildup and bacteria growth.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

It doesn’t matter how you look at it; keeping your commercial property well-groomed takes time and money. On average, 70% of your properties water bill goes to watering your landscaping. You may pay a high cost for professional maintenance of your landscape. But why? You may spend that money doing something more enjoyable. Fertilizers and pesticides are costly and hazardous to the environment. So why put in all the effort, money, and resources for a battle that will never end?

It’s never too early to get started on any new project. Today is the day to act and move ahead of the competition. Take back your weekend, fire your maintenance service, and let Outside Unlimited assist you in making the switch to artificial grass. Outside Unlimited’s artificial grass is designed to help you save money on maintenance by lowering the cost of maintaining your commercial property. It’s the year-round lush lawn that keeps your wallet green for longer.

Say Goodbye to Landscaping Companies, Maintenance & Service, Watering, Seasonal Damage, Pet Damage, Upkeep Costs and Muddy Areas.

Less Maintenance Means More Money in your Pocket

Synthetic grass reduces the amount of time and money you spend on watering and maintenance, while also conserving water and preserving the environment. Trying to budget around conventional grass may become a financial hell with water, fuel, and equipment costs increasing every day. Replace your grass with Outside Unlimited fake grass to get the landscaping your commercial property needs.

FAQ About Turf

How well does Artificial Grass drain?

Better than real grass! Our lawns have specially designed drainage holes placed consistently throughout the turf to ensure water sheds quickly and efficiently and does not pool on the surface.

How long does Turf take to install?

An average landscaping area might take two to three days. Each installation is customized, so it is sometimes hard to determine this without a site visit. For a better idea, call for a FREE Design Consultation today!

How long does Synthetic Grass last?

This is a great synthetic grass question. Since turf of this quality is an emerging technology, we frankly do not know the exact answer. Outside Unlimited’s turf is expected to have a 20-30 year life expectancy. Confident in our product, the limited 15-year warranty* guarantees it won’t fade or fall apart, and it will look great for years to come!

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